Land for Sale

"Listening to the other, while knowing how to guess the unspoken in order to realize the wishes and desires, whether they are known or hidden."

In 2007, Jerome and Renaud decided to create an agency specializing in local real estate (Sivota and its desirable suburbs).
They wanted this agency to be a reflection of their personalities: to be resolutely independent, human, agile, and for it to feel like a family. Above all, they want to share more than real estate. They want to share life projects, emotions, dreams, and a whole art of living.

Lefkada Travel is now the major player in the sale and acquisition of prestigious villas, lands and property in Sivota and its desirable suburbs.
In our neighbourhoods our agencie conclude one in three sales at prices of between 500 000 and 2 million euro.
We are fully aware that we owe our privileged position to our loyal clientele who, day after day, have placed their trust in us. Each and every day we ensure that not only our team members but also the tools at their disposal are the best available in our field.

Our consultants all have one thing in common: they understand the specific needs of real estate clients in their full breadth and complexity as only a specialist can. We has long understood that the needs of our clientèle go beyond the traditional high-end real estate portfolio - you are looking for a selection of complementary services and we are here to provide.

If you are interested to know more, contact our manager Jerome who will introduce you the lands for sale in Lefkada island